What do you do when you have an existing staff training course, but the topic is complex and employees just keep getting stuck? This leads to frustration, for your learners and you.

For this client, math was the topic, and the answer was to present the content in a way that was a lot more visual and much less overwhelming. This allowed the employees to have a friendlier user experience and retain more of the knowledge.


  • We used the old course plus new video content from their internal experts. We took that content and broke it down and simplified it.

  • We used white board animation to display the math in an easily digestible format.

  • We put that into a new user friendly e-learning.

  • We upgraded the administrative experience by offering learners more support during the course, ie. more practice, more feedback.

  • We included multiple adaptive features to create a more personalized experience based on each learner's starting knowledge.

  • The content is now chunked into multiple modules. 


Interviewing new hires is critical to business success. Hirign and onboarding new people is expensive, ad there are also legal risks. In other words, rookie mistakes can be costly.


The goal of this training was to allow employees to practice interviewing and making hiring decisions  with no risk to the company.


  • We built a complex branching eLearning module that allows learners to freely mock-interview candidates in a low risk setting.

  • This interview simulation allowed hiring managers to practice interviewing by interacting with three potential job candidates.

  • Learners received feedback on both their question selection and hiring decisions. Real-life repercussions were presented at several key learning moments. For example, if the learner “asks” an illegal question in the module they get immediate feedback. If they hire the wrong person they are told what will happen. If they choose something legally risky, they are told the company could be sued.

  • This custom course was aligned with the client's interview process and job descriptions.


Rose Pagliari - Senior Director Digital Learning

Traci thrives on challenge projects, and she achieves brilliance in her work by combining her technology expertise, project management excellence and creative application of adult learning theory. She and her company build state-of-the-art programs which are highly engaging, visually appealing and logically organized to meet learner needs. This approach maximizes knowledge transfer for the adult pupil and success for her client organizations. Traci is a joy to work with. Her kind, humble, innovative, and professional demeanor keeps her clients coming back!


You’re a thoughtful, smart company that truly cares about its employees’ wellbeing. Plus, injuries and accidents are just plain expensive!


That was the case for this client. The goal was to build training that created a safe and positive environment for the workers and reduced risk to the company.


  • We upgraded their safety content to make it more memorable and easier to digest.

  • We created a simple design that allows learners to focus on critical safety information. Topics such as safe lifting, banding, and miter saw safety were covered.

  • This series of modules was produced in both video and interactive formats (and in English and Spanish) to increase flexibility in reaching the target audience.

  • We utilized their camera and cell phone footage of their production floor. No video crew required!


Have you ever had to launch a new process or procedure at your company? What about increasing employee engagement with the company’s goals or brand values?


If you have, you know what a challenge it can be to communicate all this to your employee base so that they actually remember it and take action.


In this case, our client was launching a new off-the-shelf training platform for their employees, and needed a way to increase awareness and drive engagement with the new program.


  • We leveraged their network to find out what type of communication plan was the best fit. Then we researched the platform and linked it to the learners' needs.

  • We decided on the angle for the communication, and we created a 90 second advertisement telling the staff about the new training platform. It was accompanied by an email with recommendations on how to use the program.

  • The ad was humorous and engaging, and it showcased to the program site with specific steps.

  • We created seven versions of the file with localized screen captures for the client to fully localize.

  • It was completed under-budget and ahead of deadline.


This was another example of an eLearning built for internal marketing. Our client was rolling out a huge internal process change that would be taught to the employees with a live, instructor-led training. They wanted to create an online pre-learning course to go with the live training.

Unfortunately for this company, they had worked with a different designer who already built everything, and they were not happy with the results. They had only two months until launch and needed the content ready ASAP.


  • We rebuilt everything in a new tool that better suited their needs.

  • We gave it a Mission Impossible theme, which aligned with the company's other communication assets.

  • We created a story that tied all three modules together.

  • The learners progressed through the mission and were presented with content and challenges as they completed the journey.

  • We tried to make it suspenseful. We also found creative ways to tell the story in a first person style, such as the learner being shown a door and they will see their own shadow against it.

  • We made it more mobile friendly.

  • We were mindful and organized considering the short timeline.

The Plan:

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